J. Knipper and Company, Inc. Finalizes Acquisition of Eagle Pharmacy to Expand Company’s Pharmacy Programs, Scale and Automation Capabilities

LAKEWOOD, N.J. – November 11, 2020 − J. Knipper and Company, Inc., one of the largest suppliers of end-to-end pharmaceutical healthcare marketing services and solutions in the U.S., and its affiliates, including KnippeRx, announced today the Company has finalized a transaction to acquire Eagle Pharmacy, LLC, a full-service, direct-to-patient (DTP) pharmacy based in Lakeland, Florida.

“Eagle Pharmacy represents a strategic acquisition for Knipper to accelerate delivery on its mission to enhance the patient journey and create the shortest distance between patient and therapy by offering customized pharmacy solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers, payors, prescribers, and patients,” said Michael Laferrera, CEO of J. Knipper and Company. “This acquisition will combine technology, leadership, and customizable services with highly automated dispensing services to deliver innovative, scalable, and value-added offerings. Our clients – patients, prescribers, and manufacturers – can expect an enhanced offering of services and support from these two leaders in the pharmaceutical channel strategy space.”

Eagle Pharmacy’s location in Lakeland, Florida adds state-of-the-art operational automation and scalability to KnippeRx’s current offerings, while providing pharmaceutical clients separation of customer pharmacy solutions under one trusted partner. Greater than 90 percent of enrollments completed by Eagle result in a shipment and clean orders are processed and shipped in less than one business day. With current operations at only 25 percent capacity, Eagle Pharmacy reaches about 200,000 patients a month, and supports more than 50 customized drug programs.

“Eagle Pharmacy has earned an outstanding reputation in the pharmaceutical industry,” said Stacy Huss, President, Eagle Pharmacy. “Eagle’s drug manufacturer programs are supported by its home delivery pharmacy that has consistently demonstrated unparalleled patient safety and delivery of high-level service to patients, physicians and manufacturers. We are delighted to join J. Knipper and Company and are excited by the opportunity to leverage our combined expertise so that patients and prescribers can have a streamlined alternative to traditional pharmacy channels with transparent timelines and a host of online patient services.”

Since its inception three years ago, KnippeRx has experienced rapid growth, responding to manufacturer needs by adding brand name, direct-to-patient programs to its pharmaceutical client offerings, including expansion of its biologic distribution, specialty dispensing and tech-enabled processing services. KnippeRx is one of the fastest growing providers of Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) services in the U.S. KnippeRx and Eagle Pharmacy are authorized to ship and dispense prescription medications throughout the U.S., the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

Bass Berry & Sims, PLC provided legal counsel to J. Knipper and Company, Inc. P&M Corporate Finance, LLC served as the exclusive financial advisor to Eagle Pharmacy and Baker Hostetler provided legal counsel.

About J. Knipper and Company, Inc.

J. Knipper and Company, Inc., one of the largest suppliers of end-to-end pharmaceutical samples management services in the U.S., has been purpose-built on a strong foundation of more than 30 years of healthcare service and excellence. The Company has locations throughout New Jersey and Indiana.

For more information about J. Knipper and Company, please visit https://www.knipper.com.

About KnippeRx Inc.

KnippeRx is a highly nimble, independent specialty pharmacy that was purpose-built to overcome the complex barriers to access, providing the shortest possible path from initiation of script to delivery of essential therapy. As a patient-centric focused pharmacy, KnippeRx provides personalized patient assistance that includes PAP and starter dispensing of specialty therapies, high-touch biologics, and other products requiring temperature control. Our clear concentration enables us to provide exceptional services to manufacturers, patients, providers, and payers—in a manner never before offered in the specialty care environment. KnippeRx uniquely addresses the industry’s expressed need for increased speed to therapy and improved patient outcomes. We call it CARE. AT THE SPEED OF NEED.

For more information about KnippeRx, please visit https://www.knipperx.com.

About Eagle Pharmacy

Eagle Pharmacy is a patient centric pharmacy that was founded in 2012 with the vision to create a direct-to-patient pharmacy for patients who choose to take a brand name medication but lack affordable access. Eagle Pharmacy supports the stringent storage and handling requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers, which provides manufacturers greater control over their distribution channel. Eagle has grown to encompass numerous manufacturer programs each uniquely designed to ensure patient access to brand name medications. Eagle Pharmacy specializes in distribution channel strategies that account for the entire lifecycle of a product, from new brand launches to loss of exclusivity. By providing a bridge between manufacturers and patients, Eagle facilitates service offerings that help both physicians and patients overcome financial and access challenges. Eagle’s leadership team collectively has over 50 years of experience in the pharmacy industry, specifically related to pharmacy benefit managers, patient assistance programs, specialty, retail and mail order pharmacy operations as well as reimbursement support services programs.

For more information about Eagle Pharmacy, please visit https://www.eaglepharmacy.com and https://www.eaglesfp.com.

Source: Knipper